Ferguson: the Coalition’s call for prayer and justice

Ferguson: the Coalition’s call for prayer and justice

As we wait for the grand jury decision in Ferguson, the Open and Affirming Coalition joins with many other voices from the United Church of Christ who are calling for justice and reconciliation in Ferguson and in all communities divided by hopelessness and racial injustice. We support the call of Michael Brown’s family for non-violence. And we urge ONA congregations to be ready to witness boldly for peace with justice in their own communities.

A prayer from the Open and Affirming Coalition of the United Church of Christ

O God of Justice.
O God of Love.

We speak a prayer of lamentation for the senseless death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Help us to seek and find you in the midst of grief and struggle in that community.

Open our eyes to the patterns of injustice woven into all of our communities.

There are too many others who have fallen victim to fear and hatred.

Let us gather at the foot of your cross to honor all of the lives lost.

Our hearts break with yours when we consider so many lives changed forever by fear.

Help us have courage to name the evil in our midst even as we seek to love our enemies.

Open our eyes to the ways our systems and social structures perpetuate privilege and enable oppression.

As Open and Affirming people, inspire us to give witness to the dignity and value of every one of your children as their whole self the person you created.

In our efforts to live into your extravagant welcome for all people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, we recommit ourselves to affirming all of your children of all races and all ethnic origins.

May we be witnesses, prophets, and healers in our own communities.

Let us not be a people of silence, anxiety, and fear.

Help us to be powerful and courageous as we live with faith, hope and love.