Graphics for ONA Churches

Rainbow Comma Logos

Our friend and graphics designer, Ted Dawson, has designed these three versions of the UCC’s new comma logo in rainbow colors, exclusively for the use of Open and Affirming congregations, seminaries, ministries, and other settings of the church. Here are links to larger-resolution files:

All three logos in Adobe Illustrator (vectored) format
Rainbow on white background in PNG format
Rainbow on blue background in PNG format
Rainbow on violet background in PNG format

Mastheads for ONA churches following UCC brand guidelines

The UCC Brand Guidelines make it easy for your church to design its own logotype for websites, signs and letterhead with either these Rainbow logos or the standard comma logo provided by the UCC. The official font is Regencie, available for a free download at and other sites. (Remember to read instructions on use.) Gill Sans, a similar font available on most computers and tablets, is an alternative. We provide two samples below.

We’ll introduce new logo designs incorporating the Transgender and Bisexual identity flags in a few weeks! Look out for the announcement on our Facebook timeline at

Does your church have a creative rainbow logo?

Does your church have a creative rainbow design on your website, social media, or a church sign? Feel free to share on Facebook with the hashtag #UCCrainbows!