Issues and opportunities

Your Open and Affirming congregation can help change the world!

ONA isn’t just about welcoming LGBT seekers into your congregation. Your ONA covenant is a challenge to put your faith into action by advocating

  • for LGBT youth in your community, especially in public and charter schools where they face verbal abuse and physical assault.
  • for equal marriage opportunity and basic civil rights.
  • for LGBT seniors who aren’t safe in their nursing and retirement homes, and who need the support of a church family.
  • for transgender citizens who face discrimination in employment and housing, and whose basic medical needs aren’t covered by health insurance.
  • for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers who face persecution and imprisonment at home … or worse.
  • for the millions affected by HIV worldwide who are denied the treatment and medicines they need to live.

Your ONA congregation can make a difference—in your community, in your state, and beyond. Every small step you take towards justice and human rights brings us closer to the reign of God in which everyone is wanted, everyone is welcome, no one is left behind. Use these resources to open windows to new possibilities for ministry and mission for your church, and contact the Coalition if you need support!