Refugees what ONA churches can do

One of the most isolated and brutalized minorities

Criminalized by governments, shunned by families, and ostracized within the community at large, LGBT refugees and asylum-seekers are among the most isolated and brutalized minorities worldwide.

Throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia, LGBT people are denied basic protections under the law and are frequently subjected to violence, arrest, imprisonment and even death.

LGBT refugees and asylum-seekers in the United States are seeking sanctuary. ONA churches can join with other congregations, non-profit organizations and the LGBT community in their towns and cities to sponsor asylum-seekers and to raise awareness about their lives.

LGBT refugees, asylees and asylum-seekers are among the most vulnerable people in the United States today. Unlike most people who flee their homes for safety, these individuals are rarely supported by their families or fellow expatriates. Because of their nonconforming sexual orientation or gender identity, they are often excluded from the religious and immigrant communities that form the social safety net for most newly arrived refugees and asylees. Most churches will not help them. Without a support network, LGBT refugees struggle to find their way through a complex maze of employment, housing and social service systems.

In 2011, the UCC’s General Synod adopted this resolution on international LGBT human rights. It’s a good resource for your congregation.

Stories of three LGBT refugees

God Loves Uganda (trailer)

The feature-length documentary “God Loves Uganda” is a powerful exploration of the evangelical campaign to change African culture with values imported from America’s Christian Right. For churches that want to understand the forces that have driven thousands of LGBT people into exile. Click on the link to learn how to host a screening in your community.

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