Leadership Team Application Open and Affirming Coalition

Thank you for your interest in the ONA Coalition’s Leadership Team!

Founded in 1972, the Open and Affirming Coalition is an independent non-profit organization that serves the LGBTQ+ community in the United Church of Christ, helps congregations develop a successful process leading to adoption of an ONA covenant, and supports existing ONA churches in mission, ministry, advocacy and best practices for church growth. The Coalition funds its mission through gifts from individuals and congregations, and receives no regular funding from Our Church’s Wider Mission, although it works in close partnership with the UCC’s national ministries. The Coalition is a recognized group in the bylaws of the United Church of Christ and sends delegates to General Synod.

The Leadership Team is the Open and Affirming Coalition’s governing body. Members commit to a three-year term, renewable for three additional consecutive terms by mutual agreement between the member and the Team.

Members of the Leadership Team:

  1. Provide for the governance of the ONA Coalition as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, including approval of the annual budget and oversight of the Coalition’s executive director.
  2. Elect from their number the Coalition’s officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
  3. Hire the executive director when the position is vacant.
  4. In collaboration with staff, determine the Coalition’s vision and ministry priorities.
  5. Assure that the Coalition’s ministries are intersectional, and actively assist staff in achieving this goal.
  6. Actively assist staff in implementing the Coalition’s fundraising and development strategy, and advocate in their own congregations for an annual pledge to the Coalition.
  7. Are thoroughly familiar with the Coalition’s resources and programs, and are prepared to explain and advocate for the Coalition’s mission in any setting.
  8. Commit to one or two face-to-face meetings a year and to monthly conference calls.

Members, with staff support, will also lead development of our 2023-2026 strategic plan, with the goal of approving a new plan no later than May 2022. Development of the plan will include consultation with members of ONA churches and allied constituencies.

Before completing the form, please read the Coalition’s Bylaws, our Covenant with the UCC’s national officers, our “Priorities 2020-2023,” and an article on “Graceful Engagement” as the Coalition’s core value in its mission to grow the ONA movement.

ONA Coalition Bylaws
ONA Coalition-National UCC Covenant 
ONA Coalition Priorities 2020-2023
What is ‘Graceful Engagement?’

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