ONA Webinars

The ONA Coalition’s webinar series is designed both for Open and Affirming congregations, and for churches taking their first steps towards an ONA covenant. We’re providing four webinars in spring 2018, and will add three new webinars in the fall. Dates and a link to the registration page for each webinar are provided below. All webinars are on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Central, 5 p.m. Mountain, 4 p.m. Pacific and 1 p.m. Hawai’ian, and run for about 90 minutes. The webinar includes time for questions and conversation. We offer discounts when more than three participants participate at one computer, so consider gathering a group  and projecting the webinar on a screen. Contact Andy Lang at ed@openandaffirming.org for more information!

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ONA 101

For congregations that are not yet ONA, this workshop will help you design an ONA process that builds consensus and reduces the risk of conflict. Based on the principle of "graceful engagement," a well-planned ONA process can help a congregation deepen relationships and discover new passion for the Gospel. Led by Coalition executive director Andy Lang.

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Oct 2
Dec 4

ONA 201

ONA congregations that are visible and public in their commitment to inclusion can grow in numbers and spirit. This webinar shares best practices from growing ONA churches, including tips for marketing, communication, evangelism and advocacy. Led by Andy Lang.

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Nov 8

ONA and the BIBLE

Just seven verses in the Bible are sometimes an obstacle for congregations on their journey towards an Open and Affirming covenant. But there are more than 31,000 verses in the Bible! What does the Bible teach about our relationships with God and each other? And how should you respond when members of your church have questions about the seven verses often used to condemn same-sex relationships? Led by Coalition executive director Andy Lang.

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Oct 9
Dec 11


An introduction to the diversity of trans identities and experiences. This webinar includes exploration of non-binary gender identities. Trans people have particularly been targeted by the current Administration, which seeks to roll back their basic civil rights. The stories of your trans neighbors, their courage and deep faith, will enrich your congregation. Led by Mak Kneebone and Kim Graff.

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Oct 23


Mak Kneebone and Kim Graff will share best practices for congregations that seriously want to welcome and include transgender seekers. Includes inclusive restroom policies, the use of pronouns, and non-binary worship.

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Oct 30


An important building block for a successful ONA journey are "One-to-One Conversations." Kim Graff will lead you in how members of your ONA team can plan and organize these conversations in your church. Practice sessions in small groups will be included. With careful preparation, these conversations are a great way to build relationships and bring church members into the ONA process.

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Nov 13