Open and Affirming movement featured on PBS

Here’s a summary from the PBS website about the “To the Contrary” feature on Open and Affirming congregations in the United Church of Christ:

“To the Contrary” on PBS Oct. 12 traveled to churches in Arizona, Minnesota and Washington D.C., interviewing UCC pastors and church goers about why they decided to become “Open and Affirming” of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

At the Church of the Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ, we spoke with Pastor David Ragan about his experience coming out as a gay man in front of an entire congregation. We also spoke to Pastor George Ault and other church members about the Open and Affirming process.

We spoke with Pastor Oby Ballinger and his partner, Javon Swanson, at the Community UCC in St. Paul, MN. We talked to the congregation about shifting attitudes towards LGBT people in the Christian American community.

Finally, in Washington, D.C., we talked to Dennis and Christine Wiley, co-pastors of the Covenant Baptist UCC about the “Miracle on South Capitol Street”—the nickname of the church where Rev. Wiley says “God is doing miraculous things.” We spoke with longtime churchgoers and new members about becoming Open and Affirming.

Watch the video on the To the Contrary website.