The Challenge: LGBTQ+ Faith Communities Rise in ResistanceResponding to Project 2025

Theme: Resistance and Persistence: Hope Reigns

Scripture Reference: Romans 12:12 – “Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; persevere in prayer.”

As the social and political landscape shifts, particularly with the concerning anti-LGBTQ+ aspects of Project 2025, the fight for LGBTQ+ justice intensifies. The Open and Affirming Coalition invites you to be a part of something powerful at the 2024 National Gathering. This year, we yearn for creative and inspiring proposals that ignite a spirit of hope and equip the LGBTQ+ community of faith to organize and push back against discriminatory forces.

We are seeking proposals for presentations, workshops, and activities that address one or more of the following crucial themes, with a particular emphasis on empowering the LGBTQ+ community of faith as a form of resistance:

1. Empowering Action: Building a More Just Future

Focus: Building capacity for community organizing, advocacy, and confronting hate, specifically within the LGBTQ+ faith community and in response to Project 2025.

Goals: Empower individuals, faith communities, and organizations to work towards LGBTQ+ justice, equity, and liberation and in the face of Project 2025’s challenges.

Content Ideas:

  • Skill-building sessions on resource development, leadership development, and effective communication strategies tailored to the LGBTQ+ faith community.
  • Strategies for dismantling systems of oppression, including white supremacy, transphobia, and classism, within the context of faith communities.
  • Innovative approaches to legislative advocacy and ballot measure campaigns specifically countering the anti-LGBTQ+ aspects of Project 2025.

2. Cultivating Resilience: Finding Strength Within

Focus: Exploring self-care, self-love, healing, and fostering hope in the face of adversity, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community of faith.

Goals: Equip participants with tools to cultivate personal and communal resilience, especially in light of Project 2025’s challenges.

Content Ideas:

  • Workshops on mental and physical health practices specific to LGBTQ+ communities, with an emphasis on faith-based support systems.
  • Exploration of faith and spirituality as sources of strength and healing, particularly for those navigating the intersection of faith and LGBTQ+ identity.
  • Sharing best practices for creating positive change and living with hope, even in the face of Project 2025.

3. Faith and Policy: Intersectionality and Action

Focus: Examining the intersection of faith, policy, and social justice movements, with the primary focus on countering Project 2025’s anti-LGBTQ+ aspects.

Goals: Develop strategic approaches to building a more equitable and just democracy, specifically in response to Project 2025.

Content Ideas:

  • Discussions on building effective coalitions between the LGBTQ+ community of faith and other social justice movements as a focus to push back against Project 2025.
  • Strategies for defending against attacks on LGBTQ+ rights and promoting progressive policies that counter Project 2025’s agenda.
  • Exploration of the role of faith communities in social change movements, specifically in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

4. Living Hope in Action: Worship and Resistance

Focus: Reframing faith and reclaiming religious freedom for LGBTQ+ inclusion, particularly in response to Project 2025.

Goals: Empower participants to integrate faith practices with social justice efforts, specifically in the fight against Project 2025.

Content Ideas:

  • Workshops on dismantling the narrative that pits faith and LGBTQ+ identities against each other, especially in light of Project 2025’s rhetoric.
  • Exploration of worship as a form of resistance and a source of hope for the LGBTQ+ community of faith.
  • Strategies for integrating spiritual practices into advocacy and activism for daily living in the fight against Project 2025.

Call to Action:

We invite you to submit a proposal that will inspire and equip attendees, particularly those within the LGBTQ+ community of faith and their allies/accomplices, to embrace hope, persevere through challenges, and actively work towards a future where love and justice prevail. Share your gifts with community and be part of this transformative gathering.

Together, we can make a difference.

Proposal Submission Deadline: August 15, 2024 (Be sure to submit your presentation, workshop, activity, or lecture proposal by this date.)

Selection Announcement: August 20, 2024 (Stay tuned! We will announce the selected proposals on this date.)

2024 National Gathering – Request for Proposals