Statement on the Anti-Homosexuality “Kill The Gays” Bill-to-law in Uganda

By UCC Coalition | March 14, 2023

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The Open and Affirming Coalition of the United Church of Christ (UCC) along with other Religious, Spiritual, and Secular Groups condemn the Anti-homosexuality Act 2023, known as the “KILL THE GAYS BILL”, that passed parliament through amendment and is now awaiting President Museveni’s assent, within thirty days. If the President does not sign it, Parliament is likely to pass it with a two-third majority vote which will make it law.

As representatives of organizations of faith, spiritual paths, and human decency, we denounce the sheer religious, spiritual, and humanity beliefs we uphold in line with God/Creator/Universe’s love being used to dehumanize and place in imminent danger, not only LGBTQIA+ individuals in Uganda but across the globe.

The Anti-Homosexuality “Kill the Gays” Bill is a gross violation of human rights and has no place in a just and equitable world. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect as a basic human right, and one should not be criminalized for existing. It is imperative for governments across the globe to expeditiously uphold the principles of equality and nondiscrimination and to safeguard the human rights of all citizens.

We believe that the validation of LGBTQIA+ human rights is crucial to our faith. The recognition of these rights affirms faith journeys and religious, spiritual, and humanity values of dignity, respect, and equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. It is essential to acknowledge that LGBTQIA+ people have the same fundamental rights as non-LGBTQIA+ people, including the right to live freely according to one’s innate sexuality, sexual orientation, and authentic gender identity, free from persecution, discrimination, and violence. When we validate the humanity and human rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals and the community, we create a more accepting, affirming, and inclusive society in which everyone can live authentically and without fear.

The charge is for us, (particularly those of us of any faith path or tradition), to boldly denounce and hold accountable the U.S. right-wing fundamentalists for their history of and current false divisive narratives. Denounce their history in colonizing sexuality and sexual orientation on African soil alongside their export of homophobia and current rhetoric of hate to the continent. U. S. Right-wing fundamentalists have perpetuated hate of gays in Africa strategically. This perpetuation has forced Africans to believe that differences outside of binary distinctions in human sexuality and orientation is un-African. This is not true. The purpose, after losing ground to equality within the United States, as evidenced by the work of Family Watch International, AZ, to name one, something drastic but possible had to be done. The strategy, to use historical religious tactics on the African continent with the goal of it working and then boomeranging their inhumane and ungodly concepts of exclusion and demise to support their discriminatory agendas in the United States.

A certainty and unity that we have is that we all are created in our Creator’s image by our Creator, and this bill-to-law is not in accordance with the Spirit of Love that inherently permeates all religions, faith paths, and spiritualities. The “Kill the Gays Bill” exploits faith, belief, God, and love, thereby justifying hate, disdain, and licensing grave harm.

We are encouraging you to not be complicit by silence; do not stand by as if this is about a “them”, it is not. We are Us as in flesh of flesh and bone of bone; Us as in honoring love that does not harm; Us as in US – United Siblings of the United States. We have an opportunity to make alive what we say is rightfully everyone’s; Liberty/Freedom and Justice/Equity/Fairness for ALL

  • Send letters denouncing this bill-to-law to your nearest Ugandan embassy.
  • Lobby those who could make a difference – including government officials, religious leaders, community leaders, and businesses all with ties to Uganda and its politicians.
  • Spread the word – tell everyone what is happening in Uganda; EVERYONE.
  • Organize protests, where it is safe to, with your own faith/religious/spiritual paths garments.
  • Collaborate, unify, join together and speak loud sparing not.
  • Join hands to support those fleeing and in hiding, forcibly displaced by the climates of extreme hate and criminalization of LGBTQIA+ people in Uganda and around the globe.

Yours In Unity & Love,

Rev. Dr. Katrina Roseboro-Marsh (She/Her), Executive Director
The Open and Affirming Coalition of the United Church of Christ (UCC)


Rachael Ward (They/Them), Team Lead & Minister of Gender and Human Sexuality & Wholeness Advocacy
United Church of Christ (UCC)

Rev. Nicole Garcia (She/Her), Faith Work Director
National LGBTQ Task Force

Melissa Guthrie (She/Her), Executive Director + Minister, AllianceQ
The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) [DOC]

Rev. Don Abram (He/Him), Founder
Pride in the Pews

Jan Lawrence (She/Her), Executive Director
Reconciling Ministries Network

Rev. Alba Onofrio (She/Her), Executive Director

Austen Hartke (He/Him), Executive Director
Transmission Ministry Collective

Jun Love Young, PhD (He/Him) Founder/Director

Drew Young (He/Him) Outreach Coordinator

Ren Meixner (She/Her), Operations Manager
Beloved Arise

**Contact: | 216-736-3789

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